A hand shadow production on tour

A new collaboration with hand shadowgrapher Drew Colby (Finger and Thumb Theatre) to produce ‘My Shadow and Me‘.

The show premiered on 16th September 2017 at Junction, Goole and since then it has been touring across the UK and abroad.  For updates on the tour,  go to: www.shadowgraphy.co.uk

In the meantime, get a glimpse into the magic world of ‘My Shadow and Me’ by watching the trailer below (subtitles included). We loved it and we hope you like it too!

Below is an interesting review of the show’s accessibility for D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences by Teresa Garratty:

Teresa Garratty: Find out about the UK’s only hand shadowgrapher!

We also created a short film about the show and the collaboration with Junction in Goole:

visits4u: strengthening inclusive tourism

Throughout 2016 – 2017 I worked on ‘visits4u’, an 18-month project on inclusive tourism, on behalf of  the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE). It was co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union.

The pillar of ‘visits4u’ was to build capacity of the tourism sector across the partners’ regions in six European countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain and the UK. This was achieved through training activities that increased awareness and skills in developing inclusive tourism provision.

Following on from these activities, a series of online tools and resources has been developed, which are available for free via the project’s website: Access Guides, Case Studies and Online Training Modules for tourism businesses.

The project also introduced the use of information in Easy Read and Sign Languages (national ones and International Signs) in the production and promotion of tourism packages. Click here to find out more.

Read more:

Published articles in the Access by Design journal, written by Foteini Galanopoulou, European Project Manager for CAE: Issue 146, in PDF and WORD (text only) – Issue 147, in PDF and WORD (text only).

Final project conference: Accessible Tourism for All, 7th December 2017, Latvia, Rigavisits4u presentation.

Doctors, injections and bubbles at ZombieyeZ!

The final event for 2015 was a truly exciting roller coster, working closely with Extant, a professional performing arts company of visually impaired people. Extant premiered their film called ‘Z EyeZ’, the final product of an impromptu collaboration with other visually impaired theatre companies when they met at the ‘2013 Blind in Theatre Festival’ in Zagreb.

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

It was no coincidence that the event date was the 3rd December, the UN’s International Day of Disabled People. The film itself offered a witty insight into attitudes towards visual impairment, blending science (through the power of bubbles!) and perceptions of sight restoration. 

This time, the space was converted into a clinic, the London branch of Zagreb’s Sloboda Clinic! Staff included a nurse at reception and three doctors whose names were no cause of concern: Dr What, Dr Witch and Dr Wherever!

Dr Witch's desk ready to welcome patients

Dr Witch’s desk ready to welcome patients

The event was an absolute thrill and this excellent review by Extant says it all:



New event with Extant!

Excited to be working with Extant,  for the next event, on Thursday 3 December!

Extant, leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people, will be premiering a presentation in London where the results of a recent exciting medical research will be unveiled.

‘Z eyeZ’ will present first-hand the progress of a revolutionary research conducted in collaboration with the Sloboda Clinic in Croatia, who specialise in pioneering surgery techniques and drug treatments and are dedicated to better eye health.

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

Details about the event and how to book:


(Having seen myself some of the first results,  I must admit it is definitely pioneering…).

The City Speaks by Chas de Swiet, for DaDaFest14

In late September 2014 a new synergy began: I joined the team ofThe City Speaks’ as  Online Marketing consultant, supporting Chas de Swiet‘s new art project, produced for the DaDaFest International 2014.

The project explores a number of interesting themes in a powerful artistic blend: people’s history, social themes linked to Liverpool’s history, storytelling, psychogeographies, podcast technology and new media, to name a few.

About The City Speaks:

An exciting podcast tour of Liverpool’s history and its people, produced by sound artist Chas de Swiet for DaDaFest International 2014, with Julie McNamara as your guide to Liverpool’s history and its people.

Launching in Liverpool: 8 November 2014.

Read more and download the podcast here: www.dadafest.co.uk/the-festival/event/the-city-speaks