An audio / visual experiment at filmpro lates

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October 2014

On 2nd October filmpro lates hosted an audio / visual experiment by Zeynep Dagli.

The event was very well attended, with many new friends blending with longstanding stalwarts of filmpro, artists and non-artists (such as myself!).

Local residents and businesses  gradually embrace this collaborative initiative and dare to become regular audiences! Turning filmpro from a busy office, a non-traditional gallery venue, to an experimental open arts space once a month, nurtures a need to re-engage with the (urban) surroundings, associated with home, work, shopping or just usual itineraries from/to a place. This is not a deep-thinking statement, it rather reflects growing trends about converting non-traditional public spaces into a place to experience art. It’s fantastic that this is now happening at Studio 3, 1 – 15 Cremer Street, E2 8HD!

filmpro lates introspection note:  the reality of these events is also hugely important for the artists featured each time. Very often their creative practice needs a platform, their artistic process needs a dialogue with the public, themselves or other artists. filmpro can accommodate these, offering a supportive, inclusive and safe environment.

Visit the link below for details about the event on 2nd October and to view photos:

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