Doctors, injections and bubbles at ZombieyeZ!

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February 2016

The final event for 2015 was a truly exciting roller coster, working closely with Extant, a professional performing arts company of visually impaired people. Extant premiered their film called ‘Z EyeZ’, the final product of an impromptu collaboration with other visually impaired theatre companies when they met at the ‘2013 Blind in Theatre Festival’ in Zagreb.

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

Z eyeZ poster. An eye chart with letters Z, EYE, Z

It was no coincidence that the event date was the 3rd December, the UN’s International Day of Disabled People. The film itself offered a witty insight into attitudes towards visual impairment, blending science (through the power of bubbles!) and perceptions of sight restoration. 

This time, the space was converted into a clinic, the London branch of Zagreb’s Sloboda Clinic! Staff included a nurse at reception and three doctors whose names were no cause of concern: Dr What, Dr Witch and Dr Wherever!

Dr Witch's desk ready to welcome patients

Dr Witch’s desk ready to welcome patients

The event was an absolute thrill and this excellent review by Extant says it all: