Define Your Journey, the digital experience

An online interactive adventure through the magic world of Jo-anne Cox‘s cello melodies.

The project was born during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020; since a live theatre tour was out of the question, Jo-anne developed a digital adaptation of Defiant Journey keeping access aesthetics and audience interaction at the heart of the experience.

The first pilot of Define Your Journey was launched on YouTube at the winter solstice. The video below will introduce you to the online adventure, for the full experience it is best to view it directly on Jo-anne’s YouTube channel.


Following a successful funding application to Arts Council England in early 2021, Define Your Journey enters a new phase of research and development with an extraordinary team of creative and access professionals.

A privilege and joy to work on another journey of Jo-anne’s Dragon Cello through digital clouds.

For news and updates visit the project’s blog.

Engage and Interact (2018-2019), towards Defiant Journey (2020 – 2021)

A research and development project led by Jo-anne Cox, an exceptional cellist and a great person to work with.

The aim was to create a sensory and interactive cello performance, where access features enhance the aesthetics of the show and offer new ways for audiences to experience and engage with the performance.

The process gave birth to Defiant Journey, a ground-breaking sensory music show blending the magic sound of the dragon cello with reactive lights, dance scarves and tactile sound equipment. The short film below presents highlights from the scratch performance in April 2019:

The initial plan for a tour in autumn 2020 was affected by the coronavirus pandemic and we will therefore take the show into full production in 2021.

In the meantime the Dragon Cello continues its journey online, a.k.a. ‘in lockdown mode’: a participatory workshop commissioned by Disability Arts Online (27 July 2020) and on Together Unlocked! TV throughout the summer.

For further details and updates, visit this link.

Production of a hand shadow performance

A new collaboration with shadowgrapher Drew Colby, Finger and Thumb Theatre, for his new production called ‘My Shadow and Me’. The show premiered on 16th  September 2017, at Junction, Goole.

We created a lovely trailer, click ‘PLAY’ on the embedded screen below and enjoy! The trailer includes captions.

As the production period drew to its close, we used film to reflect on and evaluate the work, ‘shadows’ development and the how the relationship with Junction grew stronger over the years. One of the benefits of film is that’s it makes it easier to share our thoughts! Click here to watch the short film (captions included!)

Shadowgraphy  – or “cinema in silhouette” as some may call it – is an artform that presents audiences mesmerising and playful performances by creating shadow images of anyone and anything using the performer’s hands: “in Drew Colby’s hands the artform is a source of comedy, beauty and wonder.”

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filmpro lates (2014 – 2016)

In September 2014 I initiated a new collaboration with filmpro limited, called filmpro lates and which was part of Whitechapel Gallery‘s First Thursdays scheme in East London. Every month for one evening filmpro‘s former Hoxton studio turned into a small digital art gallery, showcasing new, experimental work by Associate Artists and more.

This was a new collaborative production and curatorial journey in partnership with filmpro ltd. For me it was the next step forward in my relationship with artists: work with them to materialise their artistic vision. With support from filmpro, we were able to provide artists a safe and accessible platform to present work, test it before audiences and feed the results back into their creative process.

Read more: filmpro lates diary

Read the article in the Access by Design journal, issue 144, published by the Centre for Accessible Environments in PDF and WORD (text only)

Shhh… A Fairy Tale! (2011)

A collaborative project between Greek deaf young people, supported by the Schinarakis Studies Centre, and members from the Greek Scouts (local Haydari group in Athens).

A fun short film in both spoken and sign language was produced at the end of the project, in the style of an old silent movie, which featured participants giving their own interpretation of the well known ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale and sending out their message on social inclusion.

Following two years of planting the seed, I initiated this project by advising and bringing the relevant parties together. Young participants, with support form their ‘no-so-young’ leaders, amazed everyone with their inspired fresh approach, enthusiasm and a very amusing short film!

Watch the video here: