filmprolates kick-off

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September 2014

This week marked the first late opening at filmpro. A new adventure that sees a small studio becoming the platform for big steps 🙂 Definitely very excited about it and proud to make it happen!

So, Thursday 4 September, with the filmpro team, we turned the studio into a video installation space for ‘2001’ by Juan Soto and opened the doors to the public until late. Juan’s work was brilliant, filled with wit and food for thought!

Go to the filmpro website for details and photos

Watch the event’s trailer:


I’m calling it an ‘adventure’. It is a collaborative adventure, as a production and curatorial journey: filmpro, as people and space, is all about supporting even with minimal resources, because if there is will there is a way (that’s a quote… I think). The artists welcome this safe platform to test ideas, interaction with audiences and explore the potential of new media; they join, also with minimal resources at times. It’s simple, straightforward, experimental, professional at heart and artistic quality 🙂

The next late opening is on Thursdays 2nd October.

Time to create a recurrent event in your diary and add filmpro lates to your East London art-map!