Finding Michael Achtman, the artist

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November 2014

November filmpro lates featured Michael Achtman, showing an array of his films spanning the past decade.

Having known Michael and most of his work for a few years now, I actually discovered him as an artist for the first time. So did everyone who came to Michael’s Shorts on Thursday 6 November. We were allowed in his world…

A window projection of Ohno, where Michael freely choreographs himself in front of the camera on the bank of a river, invited passers-by on Cremer Street to come in.

Ohno (2014) by Michael Achtman. filmpro street window projection. Photo Credit: Caglar Kimyoncu

Ohno (2014) by Michael Achtman. filmpro street window projection. Photo Credit: Caglar Kimyoncu

The experience inside the studio aimed at reflecting Michael’s key question to visitors: is there a link between intuition and logic in filmmaking? A screen in the studio corner showing What Curious Dresses and Save Myself, two intimate video-poems from ten years ago, and a main cinema-like projection with his latest work: Medici, Waves, Jemaa, Ohno, four playful short-films, followed by a preview of Awake!, a new black comedy currently in post-production.

A conflict occurred: the structured set-up (=logic) versus experimental and collage films (=intuition). Viewers seemed guided by logic at first – come in, take a seat, watch quietly. By the end, intuition prevailed – smile, comment, feel, get inspired. Is it the same when creating a film? Possibly. Sometimes not, it shouldn’t. Eventually, though, intuition prevails…right?

Speaking of intuition, a final thought about filmpro lates: our hunch was right. filmpro lates visibility keeps growing, ideas keep flowing and audiences keep coming in 🙂 Special thanks to Caglar, Zeynep, Juan S, Mette for their priceless ongoing input 🙂

Enough said…come back for the December filmpro lates, an event that will celebrate the UN International Day of Disabled People (3rd December)

Visit the link below for details about the event on 6th November: