A changing landscape. Pause till further notice

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The 1960s’ industrial building on Cremer Street that has been home to the late-opening events locked its doors on 3rd March 2016. It will be demolished, alongside adjacent buildings, to make way for a new development, which it is said to include a 20-storey tower block. Resident artists and creative agencies had to evacuate the premises in search of a new affordable London studio. Inevitably, filmpro lates have been affected and the showcase / event potential at the filmpro office are yet to be confirmed.

The events were featured in the ‘Access by Design’ Journal (Issue No 144) as an example of an inclusive art project; you can read the article in PDF and in WORD.

Before you leave this page, it is worth checking Lotta’s post, a moving piece about the soon-to-disappear artists’ studios on Cremer Street.

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